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United by sport, 
driven by purpose.

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Our ambition is to become the world's most effective purpose-driven network.


We invest in people and ideas that use the potential of communities and networks to inspire, create movements, and deliver change across society and business.


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CEO Benchmark & Founder, Beyond Sport Foundation


Nick is the founder and CEO of Benchmark, a network of companies with beginnings in sport, underpinned by a commitment to purpose. More than two decades have passed since Nick recognised the power of sport to have a societal impact, and first decided to do something about it. 

The result has been a series of ground-breaking events, partnerships, and communities bringing together the people, businesses, and institutions needed to make that idea a reality. Today Benchmark is seen as a leader in the field: inspiring and delivering positive change while delivering social and commercial value to every stakeholder, organisation, and investor. 

Benchmark began with the launch of the Sport Industry Group in 2001. It is now the foremost networking organisation in UK sport, with a flagship awards ceremony celebrating the outstanding achievements of the industry every year. 
Benchmark grew in 2007 with the launch of London’s first ever Square Mile Relay, a race series that now spans the world and is still headlined by our inaugural partner, Bloomberg. This expertise led to the launch of TrybWorld, an agency delivering active experiences for brands around the world.

Emboldened by these successes, Nick set out to leverage this network and reputation to do more good and tackle some of the most complex issues faced by the world. In 2008, the global foundation Beyond Sport was created. Today, Beyond Sport delivers initiatives that focus on sport’s role in racial justice, mental wellbeing, crisis response, access to movement, and gender equality. 

This work has provided support to 384 non-profit organisations operating in 75 countries, providing a range of capacity building support and over $9.5 million in cash funding. Beyond Sport is very fortunate to have the support of partners that include Unilever, NBA, Under Armour, New Balance, Z Zurich Foundation, ESPN, TeamSnap, NFL, and Sun Life.

This proved a catalyst for the 2014 launch of thinkBeyond, which has since grown into one of the world’s leading social impact and sustainability consultancies, advising some of the biggest teams, rights holders, brands, and talent in the world. From supporting Disney, SAP, and North Face deliver positive social impact through sport, to assisting Liverpool FC and SailGP on their journey to becoming leaders in purposeful business and sustainability, thinkBeyond helps brands find their purpose, and deliver on it. 

Benchmark returned to its in community-building roots in 2017 with the launch of NSE (National Student Esports) and developed what is now the largest grassroots gaming community in the UK, with over 30,000 active members. Originally formed in partnership with British Universities and Colleges Sports, NSE operates the British Universities Esports Championships that features 2,200 teams from 111 universities. NSE has gone from strength to strength, boasting partnerships with Intel, Monster, Scan Computers and HSBC, and working with major publishers such as Nintendo, Riot Games, and Ubisoft.

Nick and Benchmark’s journey is defined by constant innovation, and a passion for sport and social change. Every business he has created has set out with different objectives, but all have been loyal to his commitment to purpose.

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